If you have a dog or cat, buying furniture becomes even more complicated. You know what styles, fabrics, and colors you like, but you also know that the condition of your new sofa depends largely on the grace of your four-legged. Moreover, even if our pets do not try to damage them on purpose, the furniture will still wear out and get dirty as they climb, sit, or walked on it.


Probably the best choice is leather upholstery. Some animals don’t even like to sit or sleep on them. The leather sofa is easy to clean and animal bristles do not stick to it. Your pet may be at fault for a few holes in the worst case, but they are usually not very noticeable. We offer furniture upholstery from a wide range of categories and shades.


If you have a dog or cat living in your home, when buying upholstered furniture, choose simple, smooth-surface velor fabrics, and we have a wide range to offer. In this case, it will be very difficult for the animal to cling to the upholstery.

You can always remove stains or odors caused by animals with the products offered in “JUODASIS ALKSNIS” (BLACK ALKDER) showrooms: “Leather Master” and “Textile Clean & Protect”.

Renovation of upholstered furniture. New sewing and replacement of tapestry or leather of all furniture, or of individual seating or supporting cushions. Complete restoration of upholstered furniture or partial repair of furniture.

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