Solid wood furniture, in other words real wood furniture, is most valued. It is long lasting and pleasant to touch, dissipating warmth in your home with its naturalness. Wooden surfaces can be restored as best as possible, thus eliminating the signs of time or mechanical impact.

We offer solid oak and pine cupboards, chests of drawers, wardrobes, tables, coffee tables, and chairs. There is solid pine furniture in a classic or modern style, the surface of which is neither stained nor varnished. You will be able to finish it yourself – perform the so-called decoupage with your chosen materials and methods. You will create furniture for yourself or your loved ones!

Cabinet furniture veneered by wood veneer stands out with its perfectly matched wood pattern. Extremely valuable, top-quality wood is used to make the furniture veneer, and the veneering process is carried out thoroughly and very carefully, making it not cheap. All this allows the surface of this furniture to be decorated with an individual veneer drawing, so the furniture is original, exclusive, able to satisfy the taste of the most demanding customers.

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