Depending on what the fabric is made of, the upholstery is divided into synthetic and natural, and according to the production method, can be woven (woven by weaving looms by weaving various threads) and non-woven (produced by gluing on the layer of yarn and by spraying of fluff electrostatically).

Jacquard. Made of cotton or polyester. It is one of the most durable fabrics, the patterns of which are created by weaving yarns of various colors with special machines. There is a large and fine weave of jacquard upholstery.

Chenille. Such jacquard fabric is obtained by using thick, fluffy, loose, braided structure chenille yarns. It is quite similar to velor, firm, soft, does not bud and looks luxurious. Chenille fabrics are woven from one type of yarn or blended (from cotton and acrylic, polyester and viscose, etc.).

Velor. This fabric is also called velvet, corduroy. It is soft, covered with soft fluff, durable, easy to clean. The production is quite complicated: first, the two fabric bases are interwoven with threads, and then the interwoven threads are cut to obtain two fabrics with the same patterns and texture.

Flock. It is a non-woven textile produced by gluing finely chopped nylon fluff flock firmly by mechanical or electrostatical way to a dense textile base. Good quality flock fabric is soft, pleasant to the touch, durable, does not rub, does not fade, and it is quite inexpensive. You should be aware that the upholstery of such fabrics cannot be cleaned with spirit cleaners (special preparations are provided for this purpose).

Knitwear. The yarns are knitted with a special machine; it is a soft, low-wrinkle material that adheres very well to the surface, and is especially popular in the production of modern-shaped furniture. Knitwear fabrics in a combined weave are much stronger and less budding than those of a plain weave.

Printed fabric. The drawing is printed on the already woven base (jacquard, chenille, flock) with the help of special technologies. Often the printed fabric is covered with a sun and abrasion resistant coating.

You can order all our furniture to be made with any tapestry existing on the market. We import part of the tapestries, but we cooperate with all Lithuanian tapestry suppliers, whose sum of the tapestry assortment would add thousands of options to the customers.

Upholstered furniture can be renewed, tapestry or leather can be sewn or replaced, and upholstered furniture completely restored or partially repaired.

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