Did you know that eco-leather is really genuine leather? However, the term eco-leather is often confused with a counterfeit leather synthetic product made from polymers, in other words plastics. The term “eco-leather” actually describes natural leather, which is treated and tanned in such a way to minimize its impact on the environment. It is a new standard that aims to use less substances, which are polluting nature.

Baldai iš natūralios odos ir gobeleno

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“Juodasis Alksnis” (Black Alder) is high-quality Lithuanian furniture for the interiors of homes, offices, or other public spaces. Both modern and classic furniture are valued by customers for the highest quality natural materials, practicality, and durability. Furniture online is reliable with detailed descriptions, explanations, and expert’s advice. contact us and we will be happy to help you choose.

Furniture online – convenient and simple

Various types of quality furniture online from our extensive product catalog, is a very convenient way to choose and purchase without leaving home. The furniture can be conveniently viewed online, no worse than in the salon, but a big advantage is that you can contact our specialists and we will advise.
We produce high quality living room, dining room, bedroom, and home furniture from natural wood. Wooden furniture can decorate various interiors, and if you are planning to renovate your office or looking for exclusive details for another type of public space, we invite you to choose from our product catalog. We can confirm the trend that furniture is increasingly being bought online, not only because of the global pandemic that has shaken the world, but also because of the great convenience.
The information on our website is provided so that customers receive answers to the most relevant questions. One of the most common questions relates to the price of furniture. We can arguably explain why cheap furniture will differ in quality from more expensive one, and what determines the price differences. Cheaper furniture is also a possible mission, because sometimes it happens that after finding out the customers’ needs, we advise them to choose materials that perfectly meet their expectations. So what trends do prevail in the market and how to choose the most suitable furniture?

Style and functionality

Undoubtedly, when choosing new furniture for your home or office, you set certain criteria that determine your decision. If classic or antique furniture is suitable in one place, then elsewhere the space is unimaginable without minimalist style and modernity. “Juodasis Alksnis” (Blackalder) is especially famous for its massive natural wood furniture. Moreover, leather furniture for both living rooms or offices, and bedrooms spaces. Tapestry furniture is also highly valued by customers, and the abundance of upholstery will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding.
Stylish and functional sofa-beds, various types of armchairs, recliners that are increasingly being discovered by customers, or large bedroom beds – all of them for impeccable comfort. You can choose from various grades of velor or fabric upholstery, and the natural leather we offer is sourced from long-term partners, who have been in the craft for many years, and are valued throughout Europe.
If you are looking for not only stylish, but also functional furniture, then do not hesitate to contact us. We pay special attention to details, product frame and finish, so we can satisfy the needs of even the greatest gourmets. If you are interested in luxury furniture, which will become one of the most important accents of your home, then we can make furniture to individual order. Such furniture will be a great investment and will delight several generations of your family. What to choose for those who appreciate luxury?

Genuine leather furniture

Genuine leather furniture is a solid and sometimes even luxurious choice. However, we cannot only delight lovers of classics, because we also have great offers for those, who love modernism. If classics is associated with massiveness and heaviness for many people, then the accents of modern style will really be lightness, grace, minimalism. Thus, for example, the corner of genuine leather or genuine leather sofas that are so liked by many people can be both suitable for a classic, more conservative interior and colorful, graceful, perfectly fit for urban or Scandinavian-type interiors. We can see a trend that furniture is not only viewed online, but also purchased directly from our online store. Even genuine leather furniture is Pasirinktied and delivered directly to the customer’s home or other desired location with the help of our specialists. This is a great appreciation of our professionalism as we focus on analyzing customer needs. It is the clear identification of needs that helps to Pasirinkti the best individual offers. We also provide a lot of detailed information on the maintenance of specific furniture or their upholstery. Therefore, whether it is furniture from the tapestry catalog or covered with genuine leather, we will be happy to advise you on how to take care of it so that they last for many years and do not lose their functionality and aesthetic beauty. We will recommend furniture care products, which you can also conveniently buy in our online store.