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Leather furniture

Leather furniture is a great choice for those who value the highest quality and choose furniture as a functional, durable item. Our armchairs, sofas or sets are made of the highest quality materials. Therefore, Lithuanian “Juodasis Alksnis” (Black Alder) products are valued not only in our country, but also in foreign markets. We kindly invite you to choose from our catalog and share insights on how to choose the most suitable furniture online.

Quality leather furniture for your cozy home

Leather living room furniture with natural wood finishing is a true classic. This type of soft armchairs, sofas or sets can become an exclusive interior decoration. Although many people associate leather furniture with massiveness and heaviness, we can find solutions for various spaces. The leather set will look great in a studio apartment, a small guest house or, for example, in a modern office.
Classic furniture is usually adapted in home interiors, where there is a little more space and a luxurious style prevails. If a combination of a sofa and several armchairs is chosen, then such leather living room furniture becomes the main accent of that space. It is easy to match other interior details to them, such as lamps, tables, cabinets or the like. New furniture goes well with the older furniture, and if you are looking for solutions for your apartment or house, contact our team of specialists and we will be happy to advise you on what to choose. If you do not find the right furniture for you, then we will make furniture for you according to an individual order.
The price of such furniture will be a little higher, but luxury furniture is a great investment, because it can serve up to several generations if properly cared for and stored. Over time, such furniture acquires even greater value, and worn parts can be restored. Such furniture becomes a real relic, it is not surprising that quality furniture is appreciated by aesthetics experts and collectors.
“Juodasis Alksnis” (Black Alder) produces and sells leather furniture, which is valued for its quality and style. We adhere to the highest standards at every step, so we can offer you furniture that complies with the principles of sustainable and long-term use. What are the advantages of our furniture for everyday use and why choose it?

Advantages and care of leather furniture

Natural leather is valued by us not only for its aesthetic beauty, but also for its resistance to the environment. It is easy to maintain and you will easy remove dust or stains from such furniture on a daily basis. This type of upholstery does not absorb liquids or odors. It is therefore wrong to assume that upholstered leather furniture is not suitable for households with children.
Leather furniture details are not only used in living room furniture. “Juodasis Alksnis” (Black Alder) produces beds that are highly valued by customers, because they are extremely comfortable, and most importantly, do not accumulate dust on them. This ensures even better sleep quality. Modern leather armchairs are also highly valued for their comfort. A special mechanism for the feet and soft, high-quality leather ensure comfort and comfortable rest.
Modern upholstered furniture will match the minimalist interior with metal and glass details. If the goal is to make the furniture a special detail of the living room or other space, then it is advisable to choose a brightly color leather. It is very important to choose the optimal size of furniture and calculate it properly, leaving enough space for passage. Our team of professionals, who sell leather furniture will be happy to advise on how to measure the specific space in which you plan to place your purchase.
The leather furniture we produce can have a sleeping function. Thanks to a special mechanism, you can easily turn the living room furniture into a comfortable bed for guests or family members. High-quality upholstery is not afraid of friction, so do not be afraid to put a sheet or place a mattress on the surface.
It is important to note that natural leather reacts to the environment, but this effect should not be feared, and the myth is that leather furniture is difficult to maintain. The leather can be damaged by large temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. It can also be damaged mechanically, but following the basic rules of use does not make it difficult to keep the furniture functional and attractive.
Thanks to special cleaning products, the furniture is not only easy to clean, but also to renew, so that it retains its aesthetic beauty as long as possible. Just make sure that leather care products are certified and environmentally friendly. The leather care products we offer are recommended by Europe’s most famous leatherworkers. We guarantee quality and we offer exclusive discounts as well as individual offers to regular customers.