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Leather sofas

A stylish leather sofa is not only a decoration of the living room, but also a piece of furniture that will serve you for many years, and ensure impeccable comfort. If you are looking for a leather sofa or a sofa bed, we invite you to have a look at our extensive catalog, and we believe you will be able to find an choose quality furniture from it. It is convenient to choose online, and you can see the furniture you like in our expositions in the city of your choice. What is worth knowing when choosing a leather sofa?

Stylish and comfortable leather sofas

Are you looking for a modern or classic leather sofa for home, office, cafe, or other public space? Quality furniture is definitely an important aspect if you are looking for comfort and do not want to worry about household problems at every step. The sofa is one of the most versatile furniture that easily adapts to the interior. The variety of shapes, sizes and colors can make this attribute of our everyday life truly special.
It’s hard to imagine a home without a sofa, and in our spare time it’s fun to spend time on it both watching TV and reading, or just chatting with loved ones. The soft quality leather sofa in the living room will definitely be appreciated by friends or acquaintances, who come to visit you. Therefore, make an effort and choose the upholstered furniture that suits you best.
We can notice the tendency that modern sofas are increasingly used by interior designers in modern offices. Some types of soft sofas decorate leisure areas or meeting rooms, while others adorn reception or managers’ rooms.
In all cases –
Stylish leather sofas, which we make of the highest quality materials, are convenient to view and purchase online. We make sofas with a bedroom mechanism, and although the price of such a sofa will be a bit higher, you will have “two in one” furniture. The new generation of upholstered furniture is not only very practical, but also provides exceptional comfort, so even on the sofa bed you will sleep well and relax.
Comfort is created using soft and high-quality leather, a high-comfort soft part and a support system. Therefore, it is very nice to sit or lie on our sofas. They are appreciated by many customers and our products are recommended word of mouth. This is the biggest compliment and incentive for us to continue to manufacture furniture.

How to choose the right leather sofa?

When choosing a sofa, you should consider what size furniture you need. Size is one of the most important criteria if you choose a sofa from our catalog. Having years of experience in the production of furniture, we offer furniture that meets a wide range of tastes and preferences. We emphasize the size of the sofa, because there are cases when the selected leather sofa simply does not fit in the intended space. We can also offer individual solutions, but such orders will take a little longer.
Leather sofas are often combined with classic or luxurious interiors. The luxury sofa will not only be massive and with the highest quality genuine leather upholstery, but also with, for example, a natural wood finish, an extremely strong back and armrest mechanism, and a soft part for the highest level of comfort. A very common combination is a sofa and one or more armchairs of the same style. Such sets are suits well spacious living rooms of various types or suburban clubs, or hotel VIP areas. Sitting on this type of furniture, you can not only to spend free time, but also solve business issues.
The sofa with leather upholstery is perfect for modern homes or public spaces. We produce sofas that attract attention with their minimalist design, expressed lines, metal details or colors, and when you sit on them, their impeccable comfort is immediately appreciated. Such sofas are perfect for interiors where metal, glass, stained natural wood and concrete predominate. Leather sofas can become an exclusive accent of urban interiors in studio-type apartments and lofts.
So when choosing a leather sofa, keep in mind that this furniture is suitable for a variety of spaces. Such sofa will looks great from all the sides, so it can be placed both against the wall or partition and in the middle of the room. Natural materials, high-quality finishing details, shapes and sizes also dictate what the interior space should be for this piece of furniture. Our team of specialists will be happy to advise and help you choose. Moreover, -we will consult on the care of sofas or other furniture, because although extremely resistant to environmental influences, natural leather must be cleaned and renewed in order to last for many years. We will offer you the tools recommended by the best European leatherworkers, which will make it even easier to take care of your furniture.