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The various types of classic and modern sofas that we manufacture are valued by customers and interior design specialists for their durability, style, and functionality. Quality sofas are perfect for a variety of home spaces as well as for offices, cafes, or other leisure facilities. You can choose from an extensive catalog of goods, and the furniture is convenient to view online or at points of sale throughout Lithuania.

Exceptional comfort in your home or office

The sofa is usually chosen as an indispensable piece of furniture for the living room. No matter the size of the house or apartment, this interior detail occupies one of the most important places. Soft sofas are both a place to relax and an interior detail, or even the main accent of the interior dictating the tone of the environment. It is usually advisable to choose a sofa according to its functionality and your needs, depending on which upholstery is best, what kind of furniture finish should be. If luxury leather sofas fit in with a more classic style, then, for example, a blue double sofa will become a playful accent in a modern interior. Genuine leather furniture can, of course, also be in modern shapes and manufactured according to the individual wishes of the customer. The living room sofa can come in a variety of sizes, and in addition to the main features for a comfortable reception of guests, it can also serve as an interior element to help differentiate different home spaces. The sofa bed is a great solution when you want to save space. Comfortable and durable mechanisms of the sleeping function do not diminish the elegance of the furniture, and the furniture is easily transformed into a comfortable bed. The machines we use are durable, so even when used on a daily basis, they last for a long time. The price of such furniture is a little higher, but it is a very practical solution.
Contact our specialists now and we will be happy to advise you and help you choose the most suitable option for you.

Harmony of style and functionality

When choosing products from our catalog, you will find that we can offer truly exclusive and various styles of furniture. They can become an exclusive interior detail, and our team of specialists will make sure that the furniture fits perfectly with each other and helps to create the desired atmosphere. The sofa and armchairs are one of those combinations that are very versatile,comfortable, and suitable for many interiors. Recently, the popular velor sofas are perfectly combined not only with armchairs, but also with footstools.
Sofa fabrics are selected based on several factors. One of the most common questions is about which fabric or upholstery to choose. Admittedly, upholstery that is exceptionally cheap will be less abrasion resistant and less durable. Quality fabrics are valued for their ease of careOur team specialists will be happy to advise on the properties of the fabrics.
Perhaps the most popular on the market are the living room sofas. If the manufacturer sells standard sofas, you can certainly find out if individual orders are available. We have a wide range of furniture in our assortment, depending on customers’ needs. For example, corner shaped sofa –another practical solution. The corner sofas we offer will help you save space in your home or public space. It is a practical interior detail, especially suitable for small spaces, which costs a little cheaper than, for example, a soft corner. Corner sofas serve asboth – a soft corner and as separate furniture elements. In our online furniture catalog you will find a wide selection sofas and their various modifications at your convenience.

How to choose the best sofa?

We offer a choice of different colors,materials, and price. For example, if your interior needs a stylish green leather ora gray fabric texture, we will offer you many options. A double, triple, or quadruple sofa is also a matter of your choice, since the furniture we produce comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The unifying feature is impeccable convenience and functionality. In the catalog of fabrics and other types of upholstery, you will definitely find the one you like best and meets the requirements of everyday use. From a cozy double sofa with a sleeping function to several sofas, which will become the main accent of the house, you can choose the most suitable for you.
Contact us now and we will help you choose furniture for your home or other spaces that you want to diversify, renovate, give a feeling of impeccable quality and coziness. The furniture is convenient not only to inspect, but also to buy online or in our expositions in your city.