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Soft corners

The soft corners we manufacture and offer to our customers stand out for their impeccable quality and durability. We offer a wide selection of fabrics and upholstered furniture in various styles and shapes with and without the sleeping function. Quality furniture from our catalog will become an exclusive detail of your cozy home or public space.

Quality soft corners online

This type of corners and other Lithuanian upholstered furniture are created for everyone’s convenience and different tastes. If you are looking for furniture online, it is very convenient to choose the ones you like best, based on shape, color, and functionality. Also, one of the most important criteria is often the price. Please note that in order to buy furniture cheaper, the buyer has to save at the expense of some parts. For example, cheap fabric can reduce the cost of a product. When choosing a tapestry, it is very useful to consult with our specialists. The choice of furniture material is easier when the main questions are answered, i.e. the main criteria for the functionality, style, and practicality of the fabric are clarified. Upholstered furniture will also be a little cheaper if it is not fitted with a bed mechanism. Therefore, even when choosing furniture online, you can clearly set out the criteria, and even without leaving the house, on your own or with the help of specialists, choose the most pleasing options. If you want to see it, we will be happy to invite you to our showrooms. If the product is suitable, we will agree on the terms of delivery, and deliver the furniture to the desired location at a convenient time.

Exclusive interior detail

It can be said that the soft corner of the living room is an integral part of the interior of many homes. Undoubtedly, it is a practical and convenient solution, and a soft corner can rightly be called one of the most practical furniture both at home and, for example, in an office, or in any public space. According to interior designers, such furniture is highly valued, because it can even perform several functions. For example, save space by choosing upholstered furniture that has a sleeping function and can be easily used as a bed for guests or family members. In the studio-type apartments that have become popular in recent years, such furniture also helps to separate the spaces and shape the style of the room. If this interior detail consists of several separate segments or is designed in such a way that it can be modified in various ways (changing supports, separating parts or even, for example, adding additional elements), it is very easy to rearrange it to create a new home mood, experiment, and discover the most convenient solutions. Both interior specialists and ordinary consumers already appreciate the furniture we produce due to the variety of its shapes.
Stylish soft corners can become a decoration of a home or public space. Modern and comfortable furniture is a very important part of a quality life, but it is no less important to make people feel comfortable in the workplace or, for example, in a café.

How should a soft corner be maintained?

The soft corner will remain soft for many years if you pay attention to its care. When choosing upholstered furniture, it is necessary to consider certain aspects related to the peculiarities of its use. Only then you should select the optimal tapestry, the soft part of the furniture and the mechanism (shape, functionality). Choosing our furniture can easily dispel the myth that luxury furniture cannot be practical. Properly selected furniture upholstery also determines its care options. Tapestries, which are extremely resistant to abrasion, durable, luxurious, and undoubtedly functional, can be cleaned at home in a domestic way. There is an increasing focus on pets kept in house, hence, in many homes upholstered furniture and upholstery fabric are chosen based on what kind of animal is kept, how hairy it is, and how often the pet will be on a particular piece of furniture. Also, one of the important factors is whether small children live in the house, which poses a slightly higher risk of liquid being spilled on the furniture or the like. Choosing a cover that is easy to clean will make it easy to remove stains with a simple cloth. If deeper cleaning is required, you should contact a professional in this field, who can clean the furniture quickly and efficiently. To do this yourself, take into account the specification of the furniture tapestry, the resistance of the soft part to certain materials, and follow all the instructions on the cleaning products.
Bedroom corners differ from others in that they have a special mechanism, which transforms the corner into a comfortable (usually double) bed. The modern mechanism, installed and tested by our quality experts, lasts for many years.

The most important thing is not to damage it mechanically – not to press it too much, not to cause damage with any tools. To make the mechanism last even longer, it can be inspected from time to time, tightened if necessary, sprayed with a special material to facilitate friction of the metal parts.