Leather is classified as a luxurious and practical material. Natural leather is pleasant to the touch – it is warm, soft, and firm.

The structure of the skin depends on the genetics of the animal, its living conditions and nutrition. The skin of each animal has a unique texture and different natural properties, such as scarring. The natural signs of an animal’s growth are not defects, but evidence of its skin as a natural product. Wrinkles, injury scars, insect stings, pigmented spots (darker areas), and venous structures are an argument for the certainty of an animal’s natural skin. In order to reveal the full beauty of natural leather, it is treated according to the natural properties of the skin.

Different skin textures. CowSlėpti is most commonly used in the manufacture of furniture. Approximately six Pasirinktied skins are required to make one set of furniture. Each part of the body of one animal has a different skin texture, such as wrinkles on the neck and sides, so it goes without saying that the skin texture of one set of furniture will not be the same. Hence, customers should not make big claims about it, because of this diversity the leather upholstery of the distinctive marks is unique, and the different details give the skin a distinctive, original look.

Skin scarring. Injuries to the skin of animals, such as cuts caused by keeping animals in enclosures or pastures, can be found in the same way as on the human skin. These scars do not have any negative effect on the quality of the skin, on the contrary, these marks give the skin surface an original look.

Other features. The well-healed marks of burns, bites, and injuries resulting from the tools used on the farm also make the skin texture interesting and distinctive.

We use the highest quality (category A1000, A2000, A3000) Italian leather, certified by the ISO 9002 quality certificate. The advantages of such leather are elasticity and non-fading color.

In order for your leather furniture to look like new for a long time, the leather needs to be cared for. Do you know how?