“JUODASIS ALKSNIS” (BLACK ALDER) uses high-quality Belgian-made sleeping mechanisms in the production of sofa beds, and for the sitting comfort – recliners characterized by robustness and functionality.

A recliner

A recliner is a mechanism for folding the footrest and allowing the back of the furniture to be unbended to a reclining position. The armchair with this mechanism is controlled with one light hand movement, choosing the optimal position.

The company uses two types of recliner mechanisms in the production of furniture:

1) the recliner mechanism, which allows the furniture to unfold, rotate around its axis, Pasirinkti the swinging position. NOVELTY – the swinging stop function can be Pasirinktied. 2) The recliner intended for unfolding furniture only (without swinging and rotating functions). 


After pulling the handle on the outside of the armchair, the footrest automatically folds.

When the recline is stronger, the back of the armchair recedes to the supine position.

The furniture is returned to its original position by leaning forward and pressing the footrest down.


Folding sofa bed mechanisms

Various sofa models made by “JUODASIS ALKSNIS” (BLACK ALDER) can also be used as comfortable beds. We use a Belgian-made sleeping mechanism in the sofas.

“Meratoile 6M” is a triple folding mechanism consisting of a metal frame, glued timber crossbars, a polypropylene base (tent), and a compressed foam mattress.