Many different materials are used to make upholstered furniture.

The most important part of upholstered furniture is the frame or carcass. In 2004, one of the first in Lithuania, following the experience of German and Italian furniture manufacturers, we started to use beech wood for the production of the frame, combining it with glued plywood blanks. Pine or spruce wood is not strong enough, birch wood tends to split, has rotating properties, and the beech wood, which is perfect for the carcass, has to be transported from Western European countries, because these trees do not grow sufficiently in Lithuania.

Very important for upholstered furniture are the soft materials specifying its name that create its softness, elasticity and seating viscosity. These are elastic polyurethane foam of various densities and categories (individual seating quality can be created in different proportions using different polyurethane), springs, their clutches, holders, belts as well as siliconized fiber for especially comfortable sitting, and goose feathers.

The possibilities for different softness, elasticity, stiffness and viscosity range are from a medium range of comfort and durability variant to the use of comfortable, durable such as viscoelastic polyurethane, goose feathers, or cast polyurethane foam in special forms.

German fittings “Hettich”, Belgian “Sedac Meral” sleeping and recliner function mechanisms also guarantee the reliability of upholstered furniture.

Undoubtedly, upholstery is particularly important for upholstered furniture, i.e. tapestry or leather. We will tell you more about NATURAL leather in other sections.

Threads and zippers would seem to be trifles, but they are crucial. After all, it is very unpleasant for both the owner of the furniture and the manufacturer, when, for example, after one year of use, the furniture has to be removed and repaired due to a broken seam or a ripped zipper. However, the use of “Tytan” type unbreakable threads and Japanese company’s YKK zippers simply eliminates this problem.

The upholstered furniture we produce consists of an average of 30 different materials, the most important of which we have mentioned in this article. Each of them is manufactured and supplied by different suppliers, that is why our experience, knowledge, constant interest and communication are very important in order to Pasirinkti only reliable suppliers.

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