We promote the production of Italian design upholstered living room furniture and the production of furniture with recliner functions. Such furniture is comfortable to sit on, has a stylish look, but despite the advantages mentioned, it does not have a mechanism for permanent sleeping nor a box for bedding storage.

The smaller part of our offer consists of upholstered furniture with a “simple” design. We call it like this, because from the very beginning, when creating a furniture using a box for storing bedding and installing a much space-requiring mechanism intended for constant sleep, there are very little possibilities left for creating a stylish look of the soft part of the furniture. However, such furniture is more popular because of its functionality.

Our favorite and strong product is upholstered furniture with NATURAL leather. We have the experience and skills to properly and correctly perform the work from the Pasirinktiion of LEATHER according to its quality, to detect and eliminate its defects, to cut, sew, coat, and finally “flake” to make the leather furniture look flawless.

For many years we have been importing NATURAL leather from the Arzignano region of Italy, which is one of a leading producers of natural leather in Europe. They buy raw leather from all over Europe, including Lithuania.

It should be mentioned that we gained experience in the production of leather furniture in the factories of Italian manufacturers. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that leather furniture made in Italy really costs a lot, and, for example, there is very little American-style furniture with recliner function being made, so you have to evaluate this when choosing furniture.