Did you know that eco-leather is really genuine leather? However, the term eco-leather is often confused with a counterfeit leather synthetic product made from polymers, in other words plastics. The term “eco-leather” actually describes natural leather, which is treated and tanned in such a way to minimize its impact on the environment. It is a new standard that aims to use less substances, which are polluting nature. Only genuine leather that meets the characteristics of leather production defined by UNI 11427: 2011 (low environmental impact) can be called eco-leather.

The misunderstanding is due to the misleading use of the term organic leather (by some operators) in the market. The reasons for this are rather economic, but by no means ecological. In the market, this mischaracterisation has been floating for at least 15 years, and it is unfortunate that it has already become the norm. Meanwhile, contrary to popular belief, genuine eco-leather is a valuable result of especially strict processing technology, and is generally more expensive than leather tanned by traditional methods.

Beware of those who offer you cheap leather goods under the guise of eco-concept! It can be nothing more than pure plastic, so let’s think about how artificial plastic can have leather and even ecology? Eco-leather upholstered furniture would be really expensive, and it is unlikely that eco-leather upholstered furniture is sold in our market at all, except in very luxurious showrooms. Some similar comparisons: chipboards are not called ecological wood, although except for the glue, wood chips make up a large part of them. Also, organic food by no way is the same as artificial, factory-made food, it is primarily good food grown under natural conditions or using less fertilizer, which is what the name “eco” is all about. However, faux leather made from plastics has been falsely called eco-leather, artificial leather, or just-leather. This is because a seller who does not sell genuine leather products for a higher price still wants to sell his product better, and the buyer wants to buy cheaper, so a “compromise” has been reached for both: one sells and the other buys for less money, and it is nice to hear that it is not only “leather” that means it will be well-cleaned and long-lasting, but also “eco”.The renewal of upholstered furniture is performed – the resewing and replacement of leather or tapestry, complete furniture restoration or partial repair.