Oak (Latin – Quercus) – the highest quality wood, valued for its strength, hardness, and exceptional durability in a variety of environmental conditions. The oak wood is beautifully textured, sapwood is narrow, yellowish, the core brownish or dark brown. The oak has long been used to make furniture. Oak furniture is the least responsive to changes in the microclimate of the room. Although the furniture of this wood is mostly used to create a classic interior due to its hardness and durability, it can also be perfectly used in modern interiors.

Birch (Latin – Betula) – lower grade wood. There are four species of birch growing in Lithuania. The most popular species is silver birch (Latin – Betula verrucosa). This type of wood is soft, whitish with a yellowish or pinkish shade, with indistinct grooves. Birch wood is suitable for the production of solid construction furniture frames.

Beech (Latin – Fagus) is a strong and durable wood, due to these properties it is almost not inferior to oak. Beech wood is light, with a reddish-yellow or grayish tinge, brighter brown stripes, and an even texture. Although the beech is heavy and dense, it is easy to process and polish. In Europe, this wood is mainly used in the production of furniture and parquet floors. There are no beech forests in Lithuania, they grow only in the forests of the warmer climate zone, therefore, the beech used for furniture production is imported from other European countries.